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Fitness and well-being: a state of mind

Fitness and well-being: a curious combination of words that, at first glance, seem to be synonymous. In the world of health and fitness, I see these terms individually used, but see them together as a sentence immediately brought questions to my mind. Are the two identical or different words; do they relate to each other and if so how; Is there a meaningful conclusion that we can draw from their combination in the physical condition and well-being phrase? I am not sure what we will discover else, but I know that neither can be reached without a particular state of mind.

Each quest begins with a point of origin or in this case a perspective of the focus. Let’s make our review of a holistic health perspective.

Then it would be useful to establish definitions for each word separately. The Webster reference web dictionary of the English language defines well-being as “, the state of being in a satisfactory or comfortable condition; prosperous; healthy, or sound body and spirit”. This same reference defines the physical form, “the state of being containing a condition, prepared or loan; in good physical condition; like, feeling in shape “.

It is immediately obvious that the terms relate significantly. Certainly, a key element of a sound body would be that it was in good physical condition. However, well-being goes further and includes concepts and perceptions strongly influenced by the Spirit; Comfortable or satisfying, prosperous condition and a healthy mind. So, the fitness and the well-being relate in the same way that a branch and tree, it manages: the physical form is a subset of the world of well-being.

Let us now examine this idea of ​​the spirit and role he plays in the physical condition and well-being sentence. There is no fitness level that has never been maintained over a period of time without a certain physical activity. Physical activity is working. Usually, the degree of strength and health (that is, the fitness) of a body can be attached directly to the type and degree of work that it systematically performs.

We all thought or heard:

“I do not have time” or
“Time is bad” or
“I do not feel like that today” or
“I do not like to sweat” or my personal favorite
“I’m going to rest today and go back tomorrow.”
There are many others, but you have my point. The acquisition of physical condition and well-being requires a change in way of life for many of us. This means a marked start of what we have established as usual, usual, normal or automatic. You know what I mean, no nap at two o’clock after big meals, elimination or reduction of junk food consumption, no potato position of the couch every night and weekend, and establish a Time and a place planned to regularly participate in physical activity regularly.

Changing its lifestyle requires a conscious decision to do so and a commitment to see the change of regardless of what it takes. It reminds me of one of my favorite sentences: your altitude is determined by your attitude. The mind is the driving force of everything we are and that we can hope to become. It is the birthplace and the residence of the “self-directive prophecy”.

Kody Zoie
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