Monday, July 15, 2024

The Problem With Radiation In Waste & Recycling

Waste is a huge problem across the world. Our landfills have become overburdened, plastic pollutes our water sources and hazardous chemicals leech into the soil further contaminating the ecosystem. One aspect of waste that can be particularly problematic due to its impact on the environment is radioactive waste or discarded materials affected by radiation.

Although there are stringent management processes in place, there are still numerous instances of radiation contamination. It could be through improper disposal, confusion surrounding recycling processes or all manner of human and systematic errors all around the globe.

The problem with radiation is a dilemma we must be more proactive in solving. If you would like to learn more about addressing the dangers of radiation in waste and recycling, please see the accompanying resource from Kanawha Scales & Systems.

Infographic created by Kanawha Scales & Systems, leaders in precision truck weight scales

Kody Zoie
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