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Employee Wellness Starts With A Clean & Healthy Environment

What Is Employee Wellness?

Employee wellness is defined by several aspects of employee well-being including mental, physical, environmental, and financial.

Starting with a Clean & Healthy Environment:

  • Studies reveal that the average desktop harbors 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, with keyboards being particularly susceptible to bacterial buildup, especially shared ones.
  • Research indicates a significantly higher level of work satisfaction in clean office environments.

The Impact:

  • Absenteeism: In 2022, the national absence rate was 3.6%, costing businesses approximately $225.8 billion annually, primarily due to injury and illness, with the flu alone causing a loss of 111 million workdays each year.
  • Productivity: Employees working in clean and organized spaces are 70% more productive than those in cluttered workspaces, with 77% reporting that a clean workplace enables them to produce higher quality work. Additionally, sick employees experience a 50% decrease in productivity.
  • Stress: Disorderly and unclean workplaces contribute to increased stress levels and tension among employees. Conversely, a tidy and tranquil environment fosters a relaxed, positive mindset conducive to productivity.

Ways to Improve Employee Wellness:

  • Implement robust cleanliness practices with an environmental focus.
  • Utilize sustainable cleaning services and eco-friendly products.
  • Maintain sufficient recycling capabilities.
  • Improve indoor air quality and optimize lighting.
  • Provide ergonomic workstations to alleviate discomfort and poor posture.
  • Offer professional development opportunities.
  • Promote physical and mental wellness through fitness resources and mental health support.
  • Cultivate a company culture that prioritizes respect and work-life balance.
  • Modernize management practices to prioritize open communication and active listening.
  • Incorporate mindfulness practices, such as meditation, to reduce stress and improve focus.

By prioritizing a clean and healthy work environment and implementing wellness initiatives, businesses can enhance employee well-being and overall productivity.

Infographic created by Supreme Maintenance Organization, a leading industrial cleaning company

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