Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Real-time Behavior Data Is the Secret Ingredient to Intelligent Search

According to Accenture, more than 90 percent of shoppers said they would return to a site that tailors product recommendations based on their previous shopping habits.

Addressing Your Customers Increasingly High Expectations

With online being the only retail channel these days, customer expectations for the digital experience you deliver have skyrocketed. Embracing and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to create intelligent buying experiences that are relevant and valuable has become the only way to serve your customers and make them stay. Using real-time behavior data to deliver recommendations that empower your customers to conduct intelligent searches and find exactly what they need is critical.

Your intelligent product recommendations can be very effective at creating the personalized experiences that your customers have come to expect in a world that has fundamentally changed. They serve as an effective stand-in for your friendly shop assistant at a time when in-person shopping is not as popular as it once was.

What Is the Value of an AI-Powered Search Engine?

Shoppers use search engines to find the products they want. . With an AI-powered search engine that collects real-time behavioral data, your search engines will continuously learn  to make recommendations that convert.. An AI-powered search platform takes in all types of data: geographics, behaviorial, pasy buying history to automatically generate the most accurate and relevant search experiences. This learning, done in real-time, leads to the tuning of results in the background as people search.

That’s great for marketers because it means that the best, most relevant content will likely convert to more revenue.

An AI-powered search engine makes sure your site search is as intuitive for customers as the search engine that brought them there. It enables:

  • As-you-type query suggestions
  • Result previews nudging visitors in the right direction
  • Typo tolerance to avoid returning zero results
  • Related searches
  • Dynamic navigation and filters aiding content discovery
  • Relevance-based rankings to optimize results

Recommended Next Steps

Choosing the right keywords and following best SEO practices will get people to your site, but, as search engines become more intelligent, the relevancy and quality of content will be the top ranking factors for conversion and lasting loyalty.

As AI-powered search engines collect more data, they become better at delivering results. This doesn’t mean you need to game the algorithm. No one will ever know exactly what goes into the AI algorithm that powers any individual search engine.

Whether people are browsing or searching with intent to buy, a recommendation engine that personalizes the shopper experience  help people discover content, products, and services they want. Powering your platform with highly relevant, human-friendly AI-powered search that’s compatible with everything is clearly front and center when it comes to engaging and converting customers.

Discover how intelligent search by Coveo can help you serve up behavior-based recommendations.

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