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The Lightsaber Color Meaning

What lightsaber do you belong and what does each color in the lightsaber mean? According to the famous American movie director, lightsabers are significant assets in the fiction and creation of the universe of star wars. They are used as weapons by the force and mighty users using the sith and Jedi. However, the fact that the lightsaber is light but controlling them requires extraordinary skills. This is why regular characters do not use them in the movies. The colors are determined utilizing the force coming from the Jedi.

On the contrary, they can be determined by crystals from Kyber that are gotten from the frozen caves of the Ilum world. Once they are tuned and adjusted to the specific Jedi, the color is immediately passed. The Jedi can cut and burn since it is made from laser power and energy and its primary purpose is for defense and offense.

Materials needed to make the lightsaber.

To make a functional and successful lightsaber, you are required to obtain a lot of skills. You must have the modulation circuit, which will help to superpose all the information and notification signals to the carrier signal and the energy gate for the running currents. Other essential materials are the blade and matrix emitter and the activator used to turn on and off the weapon.

The lightsaber color meaning

  • The blue lightsaber

It is a classic color that betrays the Jedi guardian. He used the power on a more physical and fundamental level. The guardians are known to be noble soldiers that took the stage.

  • The green lightsaber

It is known to be a weapon. It is the calling card for the Jedi consular. It manifests attentiveness and maturity; it reflects the secrecy and fights the dark side at heart. It is used by people when chopping off people’s hands.

  • The red lightsaber

It is used as a symbol of oneness and unwavering commitment to the pitchy in the force. It also shares a strong relationship with the distinguished user. It is also the hallmark of sith.

  • The purple lightsaber

It is amongst the mysterious and curious in the star wars. It represents moral virtues like recovery, uncertainty, and reconstruction. Hence people using the color share the similarity with both the dark and the light side of the army. It also the symbol of real men in the universe.

  • The orange lightsaber.

It is used in both the light and the dark side of the army. It is also used to exhibit the symbol of diplomacy and compassion to the light side of the military.

  • The yellow lightsaber

It is the selected weapon for the Jedi sentinel. It symbolizes rare bleeding. It also represents a Jedi whose skills are honed and balanced in combat.

  • The white lightsaber

It is a symbol of neutrality. It is used to represent non-affiliation with Sith and Jedi. It exhibits a good army open from saddle and restrictions.

These lightsabers are challenging to control since they are strictly used by strength or influential users only.

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