Tips for the Best Online Recruitment Processes

Top tips to help you get the most from your online recruitment process.

Recruitment and onboarding can now be done entirely online. As we move into the era of the remote worker, finding the best online recruitment processes will be vital to your company’s continued success.

We are now able to find jobs online in more than one way. Employers can advertise for positions they need filled, while employees can upload their CVs and await headhunting. In this new dynamic of recruitment, we should be looking at how we refine these new parameters.

How do you find new recruits online?

If you are an SME owner then you need to know that finding new recruits online is the easiest, cheapest way for you to progress. Cloud computing has allowed us to headhunt the best in the business from all over the world. We are no longer bound by the restriction of location. If we want to hire the best employee for project management in Hong Kong, we can. Even if our headquarters are in Texas.

You can find new recruits for everything from IT project manager jobs to data scientist roles in Timbuktu. It’s very easy to find new recruits online. All you need is the determination to find someone and a good solid outline of what your position entails.

How to use a job site as an employer?

There are two different ways that you can find people to fill your positions online via a job site.

Search through CVs

Using a jobsite, you should be able to browse through uploaded CVs from potential candidates. You can even use business automation to perform this task. You can then retrieve X number of candidates who all match the criteria specifically. This helps you narrow down your job hunt by inviting these people for interview. You might be able to find your perfect candidate without going through the recruitment process or advertising for the job. Which, as we all know, is costly.

Upload your Job description

If you upload a job description to a jobsite, this allows those who are looking for work to find you. The jobsite may also match your position with potential candidates whose CVs match your outlines. Uploading your job description may cost you a small fee, but it could secure you some of the best talent out there. In either case, you should advertise for the position as this will attract better employees to your company. In fact, Harvard Business Review recommends setting this net as widely as possible to funnel in even passive applicants.

Finding the best employees online

Finding the best employees online usually requires a mix of uploading your job description and searching through CVs. As we mentioned at the start, on boarding can now be done entirely remotely. For those of us who’ve decided to do away with the traditional office, this makes the recruitment process that little bit easier. Time will tell how easy recruitment is in the future as the digital era progresses.

Kody Zoie
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