What To Expect From A Professional SEO Agency? Find Here!

Hiring an SEO agency for your local Sydney Company may seem overwhelming. However, if you know what to expect, you are always assured of getting genuine results, and if and as needed, you can replace the service with a better one. In this post, we are sharing a list of things you can expect from an SEO Company Sydney.

  • A comprehensive custom plan

Gone are times when SEO agencies would send an estimate to every client in a similar manner, or would sell ready packages. This is the age of customization. Expect the SEO Company to offer a comprehensive package for your specific requirements and business goals. The plan will outline everything, including practices followed by the concerned agency and their approach to the job.

  • Free website audit

Most of the popular SEO companies do offer a website audit for free. For the unversed, a website audit offers an overview of design, content, and current SEO standing of the website. Based on the audit, a plan for the future is created. Sometimes, it may mean changing a few things in website design, content, and layout, or even redesigning the website from scratch. The SEO company will also share the pages that must be revisited and reviewed for content and onsite SEO.

  • Regular updates and reports

Expect the agency to send you SEO reports to measure the growth of your business website, at least once every month. SEO reports tracks numbers related to traffic, rankings and other aspects, so that clients get a fair and transparent idea of the work being done. Some agencies will offer such reports more frequently than others.

  • Client references

To ensure that new and prospective clients are convinced of the work they do, many agencies will offer case studies and client references. You can call up a few of their existing clients to know more about their experience, or else, the case studies will give a fair idea of the agency’s expertise with regards to SEO achievements.

  • Clear communication

You can also expect the agency to ensure clear and transparent communication at all times. The best ones prefer to assign a manager for each client and project, and that kind of brings in more transparency in the work being done. Ask the agency, when you hire one, about the person who is going to be your first source of contact.

Fair estimates

Finally, an SEO agency is expected to give a fair and transparent estimate, based on the work to be done. Keep in mind that some companies do charge more than others, because they have a body of work that is worth relying upon. You need also allow the agency to do their job. Do not expect things to change drastically right away, and at the same time, make sure that the agency is given at least a few months, to prove their merit.

There is nothing like having a capable marketing team to handle SEO and branding needs, in a tailored manner.

Kody Zoie
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