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Web Hosting: Types to Choose from

Everyone loves to have options. Choosing a few and then finding the one has a satisfaction. While we look for different designs and colors in clothes to find the one that suits us better, we can also have options while choosing web hosting packages. Any quality hosting service provider offers a few options. Each of these hosting services has its own set of advantages. Before choosing anyone of these, it is necessary to understand the requirement of the business and the benefits of the hosting service. Choose a bitcoin hosting service and use your cryptos for buying the packages.

Shared Hosting

The name tells it clearly that your business is going to share some resources with others. Here it the server that is going to be shared by a few websites. You get a part of the storage, Central Processing Unit and Random-Access Memory. This is the cheapest option you are going to have. Some of the shared hosting packages also come with security and anti-malware scans, Integrated website builder, free SSL certificate and free domain name. this affordable plan is good for people without any proper technical knowledge. It is the best option for small business, hobby bloggers and self-hosted websites.


This package gives you a fit more control. You need not to share the bandwidth, RAM and CPU with any other user. Your server will still be part of a parent server that hosts other sites as well. VPS allows running any type of programming language and software. You can also enjoy better bandwidth and storage which will allow you to enjoy better website traffic without any trouble.

Dedicated server

It gives one full control over the server. But it requires a lot more technical knowledge as the user is responsible for maintenance and security.

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