4 Jobs in Cloud Computing You Should Know About

Thinking of switching career soon? Here are some of the jobs you should think about.

Cloud computing is huge now, and it has been slow growing for a while now. After thee pandemic hit, millions of businesses decided to use the momentum of lockdown to make that final switch to the online marketplace. It was an inevitable switch, but one that thousands of businesses resisted, none the less.

The modern business isn’t quite as digital as it gets, but they are well on the path to being fully online. In the meantime, you should consider retraining in careers that are focused on the Cloud. So many of us use it day in and day out, it would be foolish to overlook the likelihood that most jobs will be cloud related in some capacity or other within the near future.

The 4 Cloud Computing Jobs That We Will Need in the Coming Years

In the next few years of business, Cloud computing will be taking on a life of its own. Here are found positions in the world of cloud computing that you should think about retraining for to put yourself in the best moneymaking position.

1 – Cloud Architect

The cloud architect is responsible for the basic formation of the systems that will run your business’s cloud programs. The architect is one of the first coders in the door, and they prepare the framework that will help the other coders follow suit. Without an architect, you can’t roll out large scale projects focused on the cloud, you just don’t have the infrastructure.

2 – Developmental Operations Engineer

The DevOps engineer is almost as crucial as the cloud architect for the creation of the infrastructure that lets you power your company. The DevOps team will devise all the planning aspects involved in the roll out of new programs, or in the creation of new projects. They are the people that work out how to make things happen, and who figure out how to make the new projects feasible ones. Gaining DevOps Certification and providing training to your team on internal systems can be instrumental in acquiring knowledge of agile development and fostering a culture of innovation.

3 – Software Development

Once the planning stages are set in stone, it is time for the software development crew to step in and start implementing coding that creates the programs you need. A software developer literally builds the software that runs your company. A software engineer built your favourite app or your favourite online wallet. They build your games and your websites. They are the people who deal with the fidgety parts of building software and make things work the way they are supposed to.

4 – The Cloud Consultant

Finally, if you manage to develop a good working knowledge of cloud computing over the years, hiring yourself out as a consultant is a really good idea. Consultant work pays well and will let you top up your earnings. A cloud consultant just must know about different business styles and how their interactions with the cloud affect what they need from it. It’s not an easy job but it is a high paying one if you earn a good reputation.

Kody Zoie
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