3 Reasons To Shoot a Vlog In Your Office

Vlogging is not an easy art; in fact, we’d say it has become a more difficult art since the rapid growth it has seen in the last decade over YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Nevertheless, we believe vlogging can be essential to personal brands and those companies looking to gain trust, a new audience, and a fresh approach to digital marketing. Here are some reasons why we believe you should film a vlog in the office.

Showcase Your Personality

If you’re shooting it for your company or simply a personal vlog to help promote the brand, your vlog will showcase your personality. In return, this will give you the trust you need from your customers and provide you with a more meaningful relationship that will last for a longer time. Vlogs can fully transform how the audience and potential customers see you as an individual and a company. With a vlog, you are giving yourself a key to open a new door to an opportunity to help blossom your business into the next stage. And guess what, starting a vlog is easy.

Promote Your Services

Among many other reasons, promoting your product or service can be a big part of your vlog. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend generically making it the core part of each vlog, you could create a focus themed series that breaks down the making of your product and the overall process from start to finish. This type of vlog will help give more trust among your customers and hopefully provide a good laugh that will help them connect with your company’s mission.

It’s Easy

Vlogs don’t have to be complicated. Whilst editing can take a while, a simple five minutes of random talking about your day can make someone watch. Thousands of successful YouTubers do this. People sometimes simply tune it to have a video in the background as a companion. If you make it a regular occurrence, videos can become a daily routine for your viewers, meaning you have fully grabbed them as your customers. So, don’t wait and grab onto this powerful medium that can transform your business and the way you look at your social media management strategy.

Kody Zoie
the authorKody Zoie