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Skip Tracing Tool Review 101: People Search From Microbilt

Debt collection isn’t always a smooth process for lenders and collectors. Sometimes, a debtor may not have the intention to pay. Such people often do not take calls or respond to emails. Letters sent to their address may not get delivered either. Obviously, collectors cannot simply let the debtor go, because that would mean massive losses every quarter. Lending is based on trust, but when a business or person is untraceable, additional steps must be taken, which is called skip tracing.

There is a wide range of skip tracing tools in the market. MicroBilt, however, remains a leader in developing such tools. The company has a comprehensive range of tools, right from basic tracing tools, to advanced ones like Trace Detail. In this post, we are going to review People Search from MicroBilt, which has been designed as an early-stage tool.

Understanding skip tracing

Before we delve into the product review, let’s just understand how skip tracing tools work. All skip tracing products are meant to find and sieve through information that are available in public domain, from sources like lenders, credit bureaus, and telephone carriers. Many companies, such as MicroBilt, also have proprietary data that gets reported to them for varied sources, which makes their products even more reliable and resourceful. Most skip tracing tools are used by collectors, creditors, small businesses, and skip tracers, who are in charge of finding ‘skipped’ debtors.

What is People Search?

People Search has been designed as an early-stage tool for skip tracing. The basic details of a person can be retrieved, such as their current and previous addresses, phone numbers, and AKAs. MicroBilt also has an advanced version of People Search, called Enhanced People Search, which takes the search a notch further.,

The advantages

People Search works as a perfect skip tracing tool when a person must be found when he hasn’t responded to initial emails and calls. Any mix of social security number, address, and name can be used to find the necessary details. The report from People Search will include comprehensive details, including name, social security number, aliases, date of birth, current and previous address info, and dates when the person was first and last seen.

Who can consider People Search?

Skip tracers who are trying to find location and phone numbers of debtors in the first few stages of skip tracing can consider People Search. Enhanced People Search and Super Phone are other products from MicroBilt that can be considered for further use.


We found People Search to be a simple skip tracing product, and it may suffice the needs in initial screening and finding basic details. The good thing is MicroBilt offers incredible support for its clients, so in case this particular tool doesn’t work for you as expected, you can always talk to their team and find more information on other tools. Refer to the website of MicroBilt to get a sample of the report generated by People Search, and you can also contact them directly to find details of this product.

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