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Checklist of recruitment software features and requirements

Every company’s secret to success is its skilled employees. The employees can say their manpower helps a business fulfill its consumer’s demands without any hassle. However, choosing the right professionals is the most important thing to consider. Many companies have an extensive recruitment team that helps the businesses in onboarding new talent. However, the traditional approach via a recruitment team is now outdated. In order to select the best employees, the companies use Greenhouse recruitment software to filter the professionals they need.

Moreover, you can say that the recruitment suites are the future of the recruitment process. On the other hand, reaching out to talented professionals has become seamless these days. What boosts it is the online job search platforms and social media platforms. The access to these platforms has made aspirants reach out to their desired job postings.

However, it becomes tedious for the companies to find the right talent, as you can experience heavy traffic of aspirants applying for a job. In such cases, Greenhouse recruitment software is the one that aids the companies to eliminate the higher volume and filter candidates as per their needs. The employers can use the set of features in the recruitment suites to filter the candidates that they need.

If you choose any recruitment suite, you should ensure its feature best suits your recruitment process. Thus, here is a checklist of features and requirements that you should find in your recruitment software.

Recruitment process administration 

This is the most elementary feature that you must look for in staffing software. This is a feature in the staffing suite that enables companies to connect with applicants. However, this would be an automated conversation with some pre-defined text sent to the aspirant during the procedure. The communication will include the data about the job role, job offer exhibitions, and announcements. This is a feature that helps you entice the employees with potential.

Further, the process management feature aids the non-aspirants side as well. Well, this points towards the recruitment team. At times the recruitment teams face problems to create new job roles in an organization. The process management feature aids the onboarding team to fit a new job role, get it approved by the management, and select candidates for the job.

Job positions advertising

This is another subsequent feature to include in the checklist. If you do not advertise your openings, then the aspirants won’t apply for them. Further, always going with the consultancies will not work out, as you will miss out on major talent. In such cases, the job posting is a feature that fulfills your aim of aspirants tracking and appointment.

Recently, you may find many channels for online promoting of your openings. However, reaching out to each platform and posting about openings will take a lot of time. In a fraction of the time, the companies can lose skilled talent. But the staffing software is the next-gen solution that enables you to post your openings on more than one site with an automated approach.

Aspirant tracking system 

The applicant tracking system is another major feature that enables every company to filter the candidates as per their needs. The procedure of job application starts from job advertisement posting and ends with selection. However, during the process, your business needs to keep track of all the candidates matching your specs. This is what exactly the tracking system does. It screens the candidates and evaluates them as per the specs that you set. It crawls through the resumes to find out what you need.

The tracking system feature checks out some of the necessary information from aspirant records, including background details, tax information, and many more items.

Resume management

This is another most vital feature to add to your checklist. This is a feature that enables job aspirants to file their applications for further evaluations. Moreover, this features works like a portal for the onboarding team. The aspirants furnishing their application form and resume accumulated in a place for further evaluation by the recruitment team. This offers a precise view and evaluation approach to the recruiters. Further, the documents and resumes in this feature transmit to an inbox that helps the management access this data at any time.

Reporting and analytics 

One more vital feature you’ll find in the top quality applications like Greenhouse recruitment software is that every process of recruitment enables you to find many new talented applicants. Some of them get grabbed by the firm, while some of them get missed. In the staffing suite, reporting and analytics are the features that allow you to keep records and data about candidate assessment and final candidate hiring. With key data, the onboarding team can make strategic changes to their recruitment process.


So these are the features in the checklist that you must consider in your staffing software. Now that you know the feature and requirements, you must find the best suit for your company.

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