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Online reviews serve an important role in clients’ decision to purchase goods or services from any company. Often you can find such reviews on Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor etc. Hence a company needs to consider review management as an essential part of marketing strategy. With review management, you can improve the company’s online reputation, build trust with clients and increase performance in search engine.

Therefore, what is reviews management? Review management is analyzing, generating, monitoring and responding to reviews on various review websites. The aim is to support the marketing strategy of companies and boosting the performance of businesses. There are three approaches to review management that enterprises can begin to strategize their marketing, and they include:

  • Using reviews for marketing assets

Your marketing strategies can merge with online review management since reviews build trust with customers who use the internet to find businesses. Reviews can rank your business in high search results and can bring results from the effort you place on your websites. You can use widgets to display or merge the customer’s online reviews from your profile to your website, and these widgets will improve ad quality, conversation rates and minimize bounce rates.

  • Responding to online reviews

Committing your business to respond to reviews is a beginning to successful online review management. Ensure that both positive and negative reviews are answered to and appreciate the reviewers with positive feedback for taking time to share. You can also personalize responses and strengthen the positive experiences of clients.

Be empathetic when responding to negative experiences and address those reviews so that your customers know that your business cares about them. Minimize delaying responses so that you can mitigate a problem sooner and improve the bad situation. Inform the reviewer how they can get to your customer support to resolve issues and maintain the relationship with the customer.

Having a review management software can solve issues such as handling multiple locations with multiple websites since the software can keep you updated on what clients say. The software can alert you of any feedback posted, and you can give timely response effectively.

  • Requesting clients for reviews

Reach out to clients for reviews since reviews do not generate themselves. You can use email, SMS, landing pages, surveys and automation software to request reviews. Ease the process for client reviews to be posted by customers. Create a link, ask specific questions for your survey, and do not purchase reviews.

Ensure that as you request for reviews, you are in line with review site guidelines. You want to attract customers by managing your reviews and causing success to your brand. Being able to engage customers is the core of review management. Take your time to appreciate and listen to your customers.

You can outperform other brands and cause an impact if you use the right approach. With the information at your fingertips, it should be clear what is reviews management and how best you can use it to increase your business.

Kody Zoie
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