Sunday, June 23, 2024

Multi-touch technology at the Latest Apple iPod Nano

The latest multi-touch technology at Apple iPod Nano is a brilliant idea. It’s not just innovation for Apple, but also for the whole industry too. There is no high-tech gadget with a small trace offering such functionality, until now. The touch screen is an offer that is familiar to cellphones, which is bigger and heavier than Apple’s latest music player.

The iPod maker is creative in thinking, offering products that combine different features of all the product lines. This surpasses only offers a unique MP3 player by integrating other functions to the touchable interface. Although stripped of features found in the previous model, the 6th nano is equally strong.

Naturally to find easy navigation in a product with touch screen capabilities. Multi-Touch technology on the latest Apple iPod Nano allows you to quickly through your digital content despite its size. You can flip through the scenes containing icons that represent music, playlists, photos, and other functions. Play, pause, zoom image or do anything with just one knock on the screen.

Apple genius technology is implemented quickly. Tap the genius icon on the screen control when playing a song and you directly have a list of songs that run well together. If you like selection made, you can synchronize it with iTunes on your computer later and save it until you want.

Other features that wisely included with the touch screen interface are voiceover. When this technology is turned on, you will hear what you touch on the screen, as if reading your movements. Voiceover was originally offered in the previous iPod shuffle model and is now highlighted for the user with disabilities in Nano, but also good to access players while in your pocket or bag.

Kody Zoie
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