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Use LTO technology to save business data

Expansion of business operations has led many organizations to adopt data backup solutions to manage their data and also to take it for later use. This is because data is always at high risk and is often damaged due to human errors, internet viruses, natural disasters, etc., if not handled properly. To avoid unusual circumstances, many organizations are starting to be interested in choosing a sophisticated form of data storage technology.

A number of good organizations around the world use LTO technology to store their important business files. LTO or Tape-Open Liner is a magnetic ribbon data storage technology designed with excellent storage capacity. At present, almost all organizations depend on computer use for business functions. Because this magnetic ribbon format succeeds with a computer system, therefore it has become a popular choice of many data managers in the organization.

Also known as Ultrium, LTO technology has been developed in lieu of digital linear tapes (DLT). The ribbon is around 1/2 inch with a single roll cartridge. Because this recording has a similar design compared to DLT, many people have started changing their DLT collections with LTO. LTO 1, the first magnetic tape format in the manufacture of LTO, designed with a storage capacity of 100 GB. Until now, LTO 5 tapes were introduced in 2010 with a 1.5 TB double storage capacity.

In addition to storage features, worms (writing once reading a lot) The attributes introduced in the LTO3 band have led to its popularity among various companies. This feature allows information to be written once but can be read many times by users without losing generations. This system prevents the removal of stored data thus ensuring information storage without manipulation by third parties. The capable worm drive in a computer system can easily recognize the worm cartridge to enter an individual worm ID with every data stored in the tape.

If you are looking for LTO tapes to store business data, then you can consider searching for several distributors that can offer you LTO tapes from all generations including LTO1, LTO2, LTO4 and LTO5. You can consider searching for several wholesale distributors that can provide you the best data storage solutions at low prices. To contact a reliable company, you can consider using the internet where online stores will help you make a purchase order with the comfort of your home. If you want to enjoy online shopping for high-quality data storage products from home / office or convenient location, then surfing the eCommerce site from data storage tapes may be the best choice.

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