The need for speed: what is sim racing?

Advancements in motorsport technology come in as fast as the vehicles themselves, and there is something new that has just entered the racing scene. eSports is quickly becoming incredibly popular, with Formula 1 even creating an eSports competition involving most of the racing teams from the competition.

eSports are video game sports competitions, and the same goes for sim racing. But what exactly is sim racing? And why should you be stoked to pick up your own car racing simulators for sale?

Let’s find out why below.

What is sim racing?

Sim racing utilises state of the art technology to essentially simulate being in a real-life, organised car race. The wild advancements in technology may make it seem like sim racing is a reasonably new thing, but developers have actually been working on car racing simulators since the 80s.

The difference between sim racing and racing video games

So, what is the difference between sim racing and a racing game? Well, we all know classic car racing video games, from Mario Kart to Need for Speed, these are the games that are designed to be fun and simple in style, typically with a video game controller and not much else. You may have used a steering wheel attachment and pedals, but this is about as far as it went.

Conversely, sim racing is designed to provide an experience that is not unlike taking part in an actual car race. They are designed to replicate the real-life physics of car racing, with elements like suspension geometry, aerodynamics, tyre grip and traction all thoroughly designed when creating a sim racing game.

Simply put, sim racing games are as close to driving in, for example, a Formula 1 race as most people have the opportunity to do.

Contemporary simulation software is incredibly advanced and made to include advanced tyre models with detailed suspension geometry, tracks which are accurate to one centimetre due to laser scanning technology and slip angle and sidewall deflection physics. These characteristics are all included to provide a most accurate representation of what it’s like to drive in a professional race.

As sim racing is incredibly accurate, the simulators often require far more from the “driver” in terms of ability, focus and skill, which makes them really popular for people who have a real love for racing. Many racing teams across the world now even include them in their training models – such is the accuracy of these simulation machines.

However, gone are the days when sim racing was limited to professional drivers looking to fine tune their skills. People across the world have access to these incredible machines, with passionate motorists setting them up in the comfort of their own homes!

When you combine your skill level up against opponents with high specification simulation software, this is where the eSports element begins. Sim racing eSports are highly competitive and can be done against other passionate motorists and even professional racers in the online realm.

Why people love to race

With constant advancements in sim racing technology, and the potential to race a professional driver, makes sim racing an exciting achievement in eSports technology.

This isn’t your standard, remote-controlled video game competition – this is something that is really similar to the real thing, and it allows passionate motorists a chance to understand the nature of driving, say, an F1 car in Monaco. They are incredibly fun for car lovers and a big step up from your typical remote-controlled video game.

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