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Starting an online business – How much does it cost?

During the decline in the economy recently, many unemployed have turned to the internet to make money. If you are one of them, you may have heard many facts and characters about what is needed to make money online, as well as the money you need to start and run a business.

I have been in various businesses for more than 20 years, both online and mortar, and I become quite a lot with related costs. This is a real spoon.

Although online business is some of the cheapest businesses to start, they are not without their risk, about money and time you have to invest. Compared to other businesses, which online is much cheaper and therefore, it is more desirable for many people.

Start-up fee: Here are some facts and numbers about how much it costs to start an online business. Of course, costs will depend on the nature of your business.

Hosting costs: You will pay, on average, around $ 10.00 per month for hosting.

Domain registration: Buy a very cheap domain. Most domains can be owned around $ 10.00 per year, less if you are committed to several years.

Website design: The cost of websites varies greatly, depending on the number of pages, shopping carts, and more. You can expect to pay around $ 1500 for a decent-sized web site shopping. This fee can easily reach $ 2500- $ 4000 or more. These are areas that you can save. Do it yourself. There are a number of different software packages that will get you up and run with a little money. Use “WordPress” and you can have a website that is easily arranged for free. “Build It Site” is another payment service, but the price is very little compared to design services. If you want to sell your own product, “Etsy” or “Clickbank” might appeal to you. All offer businesses without charge and web settings. There are many more.

Inventory: Do you sell physical products? If you save it, you have to buy some inventory. If you send direct delivery directly from the vendor to the customer, this will not be needed.

Office supplies: You need book maintenance software, telephone lines and other public office supplies. Hope to easily pay $ 500.00 for this supply.
Ongoing costs: After opening, there are other fees needed to run your business.

Website maintenance: routine updates to your website are a must. If you hire someone to build it, most likely you have to hire them to update it. Again, another reason for doing it alone.

Marketing: Although there are many techniques to get free traffic, this requires time. If you want more direct results, you might want to pay for ads, banner ads, pay per click, etc. The more you spend, the faster your results. You can spend $ 100 per month, or $ 1000 per month or $ 10,000 per month. You can also spend 0 per month. Choice is there. Know your budget and plan your income accordingly. I would recommend at least $ 200.00 per month minimum for advertising, more if you can afford it.

Pillow Income: Building any business to a full-time income level will take time. Regardless of what you hear, making money online is not rich quickly. It will take time. You must have a financial pillow to take you through the first Lean month. Six months is a good start, better even better.

Software costs: When you continue to market, you will find a software package that will make your life easier because they do many tasks automatically you usually do yourself. You can easily spend $ 200- $ 300 per month (or even more if you have resources) for automation. I would highly recommend investing in automating many tasks.

Office fees: Although this is minimal, items such as printer ink, paper, etc. Must be included.

Accounting Services: Some small business owners prepare their own taxes, but they can also leave money on the table in a reduction that is not taken. Me

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