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Seafood Cooking Tips – Fish Dolls

In the UK a few decades ago the bhikkhu fish is one of the cheap and irrelevant fish from the inside, and is often used as filling reform fish products, made of Shrimp Bay Dublin. Monk Fish has now earned more advantages and is the top rated fish, usually with price labels to be included.

The fish itself has a giant head and mouth and a very strong spine. Easy to skin, but the inside membrane also needs to eliminate to stop curly meat when cooked. The meat is firm in texture and the like with shrimp, and is ideal for various dishes. After the fish is prepared, the meat will be bone free.

Tip 1. Cooking a plain and simple bhikkhu fish

It will take a big injustice to cover it in the dough or breadcrumbs and to fry it to represent how it was first used, so we won’t do it. But a very easy and simple way to cook fish is cutting 10cm length and 1cm thick strip. Cover them in oil, chopped chili and garlic for a few hours, then enough pan fried and serve with salads. Posh, but the fingers of the fish are very tasty. The food is very easy to cook when returning home.

Tip 2. Cooking monk fish with style and talent

This dish combines the entire range of varied ingredients, but is simple to cook. You need to stab a fish in kebabs made of thick branches from the herb rosemary that will spice up the inside of the fish, cut 170 g of bhikkhu fish cut into pieces of thumb per kebab. Kebabs must be marinated for a minimum of four hours in olives, the generous supply of Rosemary and Thai fish sauce.

Prepare a replacement, which will consist of grated rosemary leaves, olives, anchovy, several capers and olive oil. Mix a little mix, it will still need solid consistency and not completely smooth. Bake kebabs and drizzle with sauce. Prepare a plate in the morning and will be ready to cook when you get home from work.

Tip 3. Something a little different fish monk joining classic beef

Because of the firm nature, he has many similarities with beef, besides the taste better and healthier! Follow the instructions for the classic cup beef with red wine from Burgundy, just change beef with a monk of a monk. You don’t need to cook pieces of bhikkhu fish. So concentrate on making your ordinary sauce, and add monk fish in the end. The result will be a pleasant surprise.

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