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Protect Your Private Data Without Any Hassle With Google Cloud Security

Many IT leaders and big managers get confused if they want to switch to cloud computing. Nowadays, google cloud security is one of the bests in the market, which includes traditional security as well. However, the IT security managers must understand Google cloud infrastructure, which is rare.

They often get confused between infrastructure and Google apps security. With Google retaining the infrastructure that apps services, namely G-suite, built on, it is viable for the consumer to secure their domain name using this service.


  • 24/7 security protection with internal and external threats
  • With multiple authentication elements, identity is protected
  • Using encryption against unsanctioned personnel for data storage security
  • Entire hardware structure secured by Google including network, equipment, and security chip

Security products

Google has not only to build a secure platform as a service but also their customers. This kind of security product help firms secures their operations and communications in this cloud. Some of these products are purchased separately, while others are given by G-suite licenses.

  • Infrastructure security
  • Security of network
  • Endpoint security
  • Security of data
  • Access and identify management
  • Application security

Privacy and principles

Google cloud security always keeps their customer’s data private. They have promised their commitment to being transparent and given six principles:

  • Security is everything, and it a priority
  • Controlling whatever happens to the data
  • Data of consumer isn’t used for advertisement
  • Understanding the placement of data and availability whenever you need to access
  • Security practices of Google are verified
  • It won’t help any government entity to access customer information

Security partners

They are growing and evolving more, and more yet customers always get third-party sellers in the middle. This could be due to cost, security redundancy, or even usage. Google cloud security doesn’t just include vendors. They incorporate many products and services which may be used for the Google cloud. This includes technology, training partners, and resellers for every product. Network capability partner includes app development, migration of cloud, data analytics, and security.


Who doesn’t want to be safe today? With cyber-crimes happening in this era wherever we go, it is essential to invest and look into something for the protection of the data in the system. The google cloud security is one of them, and it’s the best anyone can opt for today.

Kody Zoie
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