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How to cook turkeys without drying the meat

Preparing and serving the middle turkey is not easy until some extent some people imagine it might look like a burning bird on the plate. Every year, Turkish hotline gets thousands of calls from the plain chef to the most experienced chef who asks everything from cooking for carvings. Cooking turkey without drying white meat is much simpler than it looks. I have gathered cooking tips to help guide you with your turkey preparation not only on Thanksgiving.

Turkey takes time to cook into the bone. It is important to study the correct aspects of cooking time from oven accuracy, the oven temperature along with the bird temperature when inserted into the oven whether it is filled or not, height and the thickness of the grilled pan, and how often you open the oven door. If you continue to pair turkey while cooking, the oven heat is affected by opening the door too often. So save apply to it as possible.

When remembered, remember that when the turkey stands in a mixture of different ingredients, such as lemon juice, vinegar and wine, acid and oil provide aromatic spices and forward them to meat, while at the same time it provides a soft effect. Too much acid in marincomes can cause meat to be broken and difficult. It is wise to use a recipe for the right marinating combination. According to security services and food inspections, you can safely marinate your turkey for two days in the fridge.

If you want to prepare your turkey, prepare ingredients for filling in advance and cool separately. Don’t fill your turkey the night before when bacteria can accumulate in filling material even when the bird doll is very cooled. Studies show that the bird cavity isolates the filling of a cold environment that can incubate harmful bacteria. The safest way is to prepare a light turkey before bringing it into a heated oven. Turkey that is not honorable can cook faster without drying and overcoming meat. Check the stuffing temperature as well-160 ° F is ideal. When checking maturity in your turkey, just enter the food thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh, the wings and the thickest breasts. Temperature must register 165ºF or higher in each part of the turkey.

It’s important to cook your turkey at a high enough temperature so it’s safe to eat, but be careful not to impose it too much. Although the Turkish grill grill is generally estimated, most recipes for whole burnt turcutry requires oven temperatures between 325 ° and 375 ° F. Using this moderate temperature ensures the most even cooking along the bird, even more when the bird is filled. Some recipes describe high grilled turkeys are cooked at 500-450ºF which are very high. High roasted turkey can make the skin sharp and crusty, but meat may tend to be rather dry during baking. Micatous bird temperature monitoring is needed.

Don’t worry too if you don’t perfect your turkey immediately, even a great chef keeps trying with small birds to perfect something big. In fact, very few chefs claim that their first turkey is perfect. The more you try it, the more you will get better results. The size of the whole turkey and the difference in breast and legs brings a real challenge to get everything to cook perfectly at the right time. When dark turkey is gentle enough to be broken down with a fork, then the white meat must be moist and delicious – your turkey is properly prepared.

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