Future Computer – Right Strategy To make you know cloud computer technology

Do you know what is the cloud computing? What should be the future features of your computer? Who are your service providers and what is it? If you do not do it, you will not know when the new computer technology entered your home and office. I will help you understand the definition of cloud computing and model and its main providers and key service challenges.

Understanding the cloud before making expensive investments in computers based on old technology. In the near future, you will be tempted to declare the obsolete. Do not worry, you do not need to pay for the purchase of a new computer. But you have to pay monthly fees for your new computer technologies service providers, you pay your phone and your Internet service provider. As a teacher student in a computer application, I can help you understand your rights to understand the cloud computing.

Define cloud computing
1. There is a pool of short, very evolving and management infrastructure to meet the requirements of the end customer and the billing of consumption.

2. This is a calculation style in which the evolutionary dynamics and often virtualized resources are provided as a service on the Internet.

3. This is a new approach to shared infrastructures in which vast basins of systems are linked to provide technological services to the Internet.

4. It provides the infrastructure and the environment to develop / hoster / manage services and applications on demand, with As-You-Go-Go pay pricing as a service.
What is cloud computing? Cloud Computing is computer on the Internet. There is computer network access to the configurable shared resource pool.

5. The essential elements of cloud computing are broad access to the network, upon request, the pooling of resources, regional independence, the “infinite” scale and the measured services.

The calculation of the cloud grid is where you can not know where your computer is in the world. The old computer hardware model is purchased as PC software products and applications that the purchased product. Your future cloud computer is to provide services that meet most of your perception of your gambling, PC, network, mobile, health, IPTV, online learning, and online learning. A secure desktop cloud that will work from all over the world.

You may be tempted to enter your desktop cloud as it provides unlimited scalability, access to unlimited information technology, enormous cost savings and freedom of classification, reliability and lack of damage. Your computer and your resources and development of computer applications, without change. Your equipment.

The cloud computing is already at the beginning of the places in some places, Google Docs, a photo bucket, flamboyant, Picasso and Android Mobile OS. In India, Airtal and MTNL facilitated the virtual PC for example.

Before becoming the dominant technology in the world, cloud computing, the cloud the main challenges are:

1. Legal problems (local and international countries) must be sorted.
2. The software architecture requires an update of the available software in the world.
3. Interoperability standards must be determined for various computer applications currently used on the Internet.
4. Cloud Computing: Request for Repair of Scalability is adopted globally.
5. The codes of security companies and security agencies must be made.
6. The dynamic network bandwidth must be updated to deal with enormous information around the world.
7. The freedom of the cloud of individual choice, from the national and international level should be carried out.

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