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Four Tips to Counter Negative News Articles with Positive Content


In a digital world, both positive and negative news travel quickly. However, the news persists online indefinitely. Even when the news has faded from public memory, it can still turn up on internet searches. Fake news, negative content, and negative links can harm an individual or brand’s reputation. It is essential to keep an eye on your online reputation and remove news articles that are negative, defamatory, or fake. Negative or fake reviews, comments, and news can cost a brand, as well as an individual, a considerable damage.

An online reputation management agency will advise you on how to take down search results and help you better manage your online presence. If the content violates Google’s terms of service, you can request to remove negative news articles from Google search. Sometimes, you may not be able to remove negative links but can use the services of a good media PR agency to suppress them with a flood of positive content. This process is sometimes called reverse SEO.

Address feedback

There are online platforms that allow customers and employees to leave feedback about an individual or business. These websites aim to enable people to get feedback about a business before they buy. But these sites can also be used with malicious intent. Some dissatisfied customers can also leave negative feedback online. If you have proof that the input is false, you can approach the website to have it taken down. One of the best strategies to handle such comments is to address them. If the comments are fake, state your argument to prove that they are. If the comments are true, describe how you plan to remedy the situation and handle it gracefully.

Increased online presence

You may think that keeping yourself away from online exposure is a good strategy. But, if your online presence is minimal, negative links will be more obvious in searches. Online reputation management agencies help you diversify your online presence so that there are many more links for the search engines to list. In addition to your website, you should also start a blog. Fill all your online sites with optimized content that will show up high on search engine rankings. Enhance your online partnerships, collaborations, and links to make your pages more attractive to search engines. An online reputation management agency will help you negotiate online collaborations.

Diverse platforms

Social media pages usually rank high on search results. Establish your presence on as many social media platforms as possible so that they will overtake negative content on search results. A digital reputation management expert will help you manage all these accounts cohesively. Social media platforms will help you build your online following and strengthen your online image. They are a valuable marketing tool that will help you connect with potential customers and business partners. Social media allows you to get your voice heard louder than that of your detractors.

Media placements

Articles and mentions on reputable media outlets are valuable to your online image. An experienced digital PR agency will be able to get you featured on such sites. Their network and connections with news sites help secure media placements. When you have multiple positive news mentions, the negative news gets pushed further down the search engine.

It is essential to have a planned defense against malicious people who use your name and fame to gain attention online. Even if you are too busy, a digital PR agency will help you increase the volume of your online posts and mentions. With persistence and a sustained effort, you will be able to suppress negative links online and clean up your image. An online reputation management agency is what you need to counter negative news articles.

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